Saturday, April 22, 2017

Haiti updates

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Haiti Trip
Please be in prayer for four board members of our Thriving Villages International organization as they prepare to travel to Haiti next Sunday.  The four are:  Jen Fredrick, Jim Bishop, Doug Stauffer, and Evens Lanot.  They will be meeting in Port-au-Prince for several days with the leaders of a development group from Pestel, KPA (Christians Progress Together).  KPA is a Haitian organization that was founded over a decade ago by Sister Fidelis (she is also now a TVI Board member!).  The purpose of the meeting will be to get to know one another and discern how the two organizations (KPA & TVI) might work together best.  

Thanks to Middle School Students!!!
A BIG thanks to the LMS Hershey Middle School students and their principal, Mr. Eri Lee, on their very successful fund-raiser today!  They raised over $2000 for Pestel through a 3-on-3 basketball event (See photos).  The students did a LOT of work to organize and promote this.  It was also great for us (as parents) to see our kids taking on leadership roles in the planning.  We were quite humbled when we learned that the Middle School had designated TVI to receive the funds, which will be used to purchase seeds for replanting crops since the devastation of Hurricane Matthew late last year.   

Ben Fredrick, M.D.
President, Thriving Villages International

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   absence of desire to be thought of as someone special;
   and the impeccable performance of mundane tasks."  Teresa of Avila

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