Wednesday, July 2, 2014

TVI July Update

Hi all

I've been eager to send this update out!    Please feel free to share with others.   If you'd like paper copies to distribute please let me know.

See the attachment for important updates on:
---High School building project in Pestel
---Ceramic water filter project
---New health-related project

We are thankful to so many.  Thanks to all who help, in so many ways, to allow us to participate in this important work.  Some give of their time and talents; some give donations; some give through their personal connections; many give through their outright encouragement and prayers.  

Jen and I are learning the importance of pacing so that we "do not grow weary in well-doing".  (Galatians 6:9)  As that verse hints, we believe important seeds are being planted in Pestel that will, over time, grow up into a rich harvest.   Please pray that God will continue to send those who can help in this work so that it will indeed be fruitful, and that people will be amazed at what He has done.  

President, Thriving Villages International

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"Pay special attention to these issues:
   love for one another;
   absence of desire to be thought of as someone special;
   and the impeccable performance of mundane tasks."  Teresa of Avila