Monday, October 19, 2009

Proposal accepted!

I JUST got an email that the $30,000 proposal I submitted on behalf of Pestel has been accepted!!  This is wonderful news and quite a cause for celebration.

Beyond the money, however, this is just an amazing opportunity to share about how God has made this happen, and how He is 'bank-rolling' all of this.  

The group is called Variety International.  They are looking to fund beyond this year, recognizing that this will be a multi-year project.  And it is possible (?likely?) that the level of funding will increase annually once we are shown to be faithful with their gift.

Thanks to so many of you for your ongoing words of encouragement.  Special thanks to my uncle, Jim Bishop, who helped me with the text for the promotional materials I sent to the organization.  

Deeply grateful and yet again, humbled...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Prayer request

In former emails I mentioned that an organization approached me about potentially helping with funding health programs in Pestel.  The board of directors for that organization will be meeting next weekend to consider the proposal that I've put together for them, along with many other proposals.  

My proposal includes a 5 year plan to cover all pre-school and school aged kids with deworming medicines (anti-parasite campaign), vitamin A and iodine.  We talking in the neighborhood of about 20,000-25,000 kids.  That's pretty awesome.  Beyond that, the plan calls for development of school and preschool nutrition programs, mobilization and training of new health workers, widespread surveys (for data collection) and monitoring to ensure that the health interventions are having their desired effects.

There are so many things to pray for.  
1.  the board meeting this next weekend
2.  my interactions with folks in Pestel in November.  Truly, for my faithfulness in trusting in God's provision.  He has always provided abundantly (more than I can ask or imagine).
3.  my interactions at the medical center.  The medical students are expressing interest in helping out, and that increases my joy even more!  Pray that my witness to God's leading, goodness and compassion would be evident and faithful to these future physicians.
4.  Pray that when people hear the 'wow!' stories there would be opportunity to share about God who delights in giving and showing Himself as the giver of these good things.

As always, thanks for reading and praying

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

News items related to Haiti

This, all just from today's news:


This week, right on the heels of Clinton's visit, comes news that "the Haiti-based conglomerate WIN Group and the Soros Economic Development Fund today announced plans to develop a $45 million industrial park to jumpstart industry," according to an October 6 article in Business Wire.

The industrial park, which will be called the "West Indies Free Zone," will "include more than 1.2 million square feet of turn-key rentable space. It will target local and international manufacturers as well as warehousing businesses and offer tax, customs and processing advantages to tenants."

The 300,000 residents of the Haitian city of Cité Soleil, which is close to the park, will likely see as many as 25,000 jobs created for the community.


Ex-President Carter seeks to eliminate malaria in Hispaniola, its last Caribbean outpost

Former President Jimmy Carter is visiting Haiti and the Dominican Republic to urge their leaders to forge a pact to rid the island of Hispaniola of malaria.

An estimated 30,000 Haitians and several thousand people across the border in the Dominican Republic are infected each year with the mosquito-borne illness. Hispaniola is malaria's last Caribbean outpost.

Santo Domingo. – Former United States president Jimmy Carter on Thursday launched a joint Dominican Republic-Haiti program to eradicate malaria and phylariasis on Hispaniola Island within 10 years.

The US$19.9 million program will be used on house to house search for cases, free treatment and mosquito control, repellents for mosquito nets and walls in high risk areas, as well as providing information and social mobilization on the entire island.

Former President Bill Clinton, on behalf of the Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative (CHAI), has just signed an agreement with Haitian President Rene Preval to expand access to HIV/AIDS care and treatment services to the residents of Haiti.

Haiti to boost tourism.

The [Haitian] Government hopes to lure in four million visitors a year, putting Haiti on a par with the Dominican Republic, which attracted 4.2 million last year.

"In 2011 we will be able to say that Haiti is back on the world tourism map," Mr Delatour said.

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