Thursday, June 25, 2009

Prayer request--surgeries

Hi everyone,

There are 2 girls in Haiti that need heart surgery, and their cases are being evaluated at Hershey.  At least two things will be needed:
1.  acceptance by the medical center--that their problems are fixable, and that they are healthy enough to undergo surgery.  One of the girls, Vanessa, is in a hospital in Haiti right now.
2.  funding.  If either (or both!) are accepted there will need to be some money to help them get the surgeries.  With the economy as it is, the medical center is no longer able to provide entirely free surgery.  They are still generously writing off a great amount of it, but there will be about $5000 that is required for each surgery.  

Lest we become overwhelmed at the needs, it is good to be reminded of something that I  just finished reading by Spurgeon this morning: 
"It is extraordinary grace, not talent, that wins the day; extraordinary spiritual power, not extraordinary mental power...Spirit of the living God! we want thee.  Thou are the life, the soul; thou are the source of thy people's success; without thee they can do nothing, with thee they can do everything."

Let the community of Faith respond with prayer!  Because it does take faith to believe Spurgeon's words



Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Jars of Clay Video: Two Hands

I just watched this and really like it a lot.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Video on water

Hi all,

This is potent short video about the need for clean water.

This past Monday I had the wonderful opportunity
to speak to a Missions group at a local church about our work in Pestel.
Again I had to say one of the most ludicrous statements: "Even drinking dirty water is better than no water." I'll be so glad when I no longer have to talk that way about Pestel.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Photos of the Morris Family

Hi All,

Thought you might be interested to see some photos of the family that is in the process of adopting the little boy from Haiti that we wrote about some time ago.