Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's that time again...

It seems like we just finished data entry.   :)

If you're willing to do some data entry please email me.   There is good news and not-so-good news.

The not-so-good news is that there are lots of records.
The GOOD NEWS!!  is that we only have to enter about 10 items per record!! 

{how's that for a spin!}

So it will go fast if there are many hands.  This is NOT like the household survey which took a long time per form.  This will be a faster process.

I'm attaching the template (excel spreadsheet) if you want to see how it is set up.    You would

1.  Save the spreadsheet with your name in the title ("Save as...")
2.  Enter your initials where it says to
3.  Start entering the information horizontally (in rows).   Most of the cells are drop-down boxes.   If the worker left the answer blank, just leave the cell blank.  Select the answer that is closest to the answer the worker put down.  
4.  For the height/weight cells:  just enter the number  (11.2) but don't enter "cm" or "kg" etc.  

This data is important because it is the follow-up data on height, weight, and anemia  to be able to compare with 2010's information.   We want to see if the Vitamin A and Albendazole campaigns made any difference in malnutrition & anemia.

What do you think?  Easy right?!?   Would you be willing to help?   I'm hoping to have this all entered before Thanksgiving.  


Monday, October 17, 2011

And again

This is a VERY popular medical student website.   Nice to see the reprint.  And this will be a much bigger readership:


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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Water treatment unit update

As many of you know, Variety International generously provided funds for a water treatment unit to be placed on the island (Cayemites), which is part of Pestel region.   The village was responsible for constructing a housing structure to keep the water unit safe.   Water Missions International is currently installing the unit, and I received this update from them today.  Please pray for safety for the workers, and that the installation would go well.  
FYI:  Cholera is largely spread by contaminated water.  This kind of water treatment unit cleans up contaminated water and makes it safe.  It will be a great benefit to the people in the village of Boucan Phillippe!

Dear All,


I would like to give you an update of the installation in Boucan Philippe, this is the project in the Grand Cayemites island off the coast of Pestel in the south of Haiti.


The technical team composed of Wilson and Franklin left Monday early morning to the location and had a good trip until they passed the village of Beaumont already nearing Pestel. They had to spend the night of Monday sleeping in the Freightliner and Tacoma because the river had flooded with the recent heavy rains and about 75 vehicles including ours were stuck waiting for the river to lower its flow. They were able to get some food.


On Tuesday morning at about 11AM they were finally able to cross the river and continue on their way to Pestel.  By last night they had already safely travelled by boat with all the equipment to the Grand Cayemites island. On the way back to Pestel to spend the night the rain was so heavy that it started to flood the little boat and everyone was taking water by buckets out of the boat so it would not sink. They made it safely across.


This morning early they were on their way back to the island to start the installation and they hope to complete it today if possible.


Wilson was saying that cholera is a very real danger in that area and this morning he saw two people arrive at the hospital in Pestel with last stage cholera. The hospital reported having cases every day.


Please pray for Wilson and Franklin safety and safe return to us.





Elsa Paula

Finance & Administration

Water Missions International

Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

Changing Lives Through Sustainable Water Systems

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Myself, Mitch Neuhasuer (from CinemaCon/NATO), and Bill Hopkins (Variety International)



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Friday, October 7, 2011

Really wonderful news

Yesterday morning Jen and were in Washington D.C. at an annual meeting for a group called The National Association of Theater Owners (NATO...not the North Atlantic Treaty Organization  :).    Bill Hopkins from Variety International had flown in from LA in the day before.   We were presented with a check for $100,000 as a donation from NATO to Variety International's Children's Fund, with the funds designated to the work in Haiti!!

I'll try to get a copy of the photo so that you can see the "big check".  

The donation will be used to initiate the well-drilling effort throughout Pestel.  Earlier this year after Dr. John Lane had visited the area, he came away with the recommendation that we should drill for wells in Pestel.  We then approached a couple of well-drillers in Haiti, and in order for them to go out to Pestel we needed to be able to commit to a minimum of 10 wells, which could run from $5000 to $10,000 per well.  So we knew we would probably need something like $100,000.

Through a series of 'unrelated' events, NATO contacted Variety International a couple of months ago because they wanted to make a generous donation to VI.  After learning about the Haiti Project they met with folks from VI in Los Angeles and announced that they wanted the donation of $100,000 to go to the work in Pestel.   

When Jen and I received the email about the donation (which we were asked to keep under wraps) we were simply floored (and are still!).   The amount was exactly the amount we had written up as needed to engage the well-drillers.  And there was no doubt whatsoever that this funding was to be used for this purpose.  

Can you see how God works sometimes?   

Our new organization, Thriving Villages International, is committed to continue running on God's timing and provision.  That means you are not likely to see us doing typical fund-raising efforts.   We have learned through these sorts of experiences, and so many others (for those who have been following along, you likely remember many of them!), that God desires TVI to proceed in a fashion different from most.  It's part of the challenge as we seek to be faithful and wait patiently, and its a part of the joy of receiving donations that come from the heart.  People and organizations give as they are prompted and their timing has been incredible.  

It is not always comfortable, but it is right.  
And boy, when you receive these sorts of confirmations!!!    

Keep in mind:  we did not seek out NATO.  In fact, I will admit that I had never heard of them.  NATO did not know of our desire to well-drill for the exact amount.   

Now that's pretty  awesome!!     
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