Thursday, May 29, 2014

New video on the household ceramic water filters!

Hello everyone,

I'm pleased to share the latest video produced by the Miss World Organization.  Through the Miss World Organization charity, Beauty with a Purpose, they have already raised enough funds for 2,000 bucket filters and we are estimating this will reach about 12,000 people as a result.  We are also  thrilled with the work that Mr. John Ball and his team (from Illinois) have been doing to prepare for this project and to implement it on the ground.  

We are so thankful for the substantial health improvement that clean water will bring to these families in Pestel.  We're also excited for the jobs that will be created in the area since these filters are produced in Haiti!

Please check out this video, recently released:

We remain thankful that God continues to bring people together for this important work.  We see this as an outpouring of His compassion for the people of Pestel.  

President, Thriving Villages International

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