Monday, August 11, 2014

100% pass rate

A national report for education in Haiti was just released today stating that the national pass rate for two crucial exams--one at the end of 6th grade and the other at the end of 9th grade--is 76%

Congratulations are due!   We learned that Father Parnel Lundy's school in Pestel had 100% pass rate for 6th graders and 9th graders.  These are crucial national examinations.  Here is a note (slightly edited for readability) from Fr Parnel Lundy:

We just published the results of state examens for June 2014.Our students passed the test exams 6th and 9th grades--all managed successfully. I am also glad and proud. Entire educational community of the parish is satisfied. On this happy occasion , I come with as much pride and join with you to share our joy. There ,you have also contributed . Also I pray you to share it with your family , Thriving Villages International Inc ,benefactors and all those with you working with dedication for Pestel ,for Haiti.
You can be thanked thousand times! Indeed, your devotion is not only rewarded , but we are encouraged to continue working together. More over , this result gives us satisfying to believe that the St. Francis schools are  growing from year to year. Next year we will present our first class of students for the 12 rd. grade state exams.
May God continue to bless you ,your family and Thriving Villages International greatly !

Fr. Jean Parnel Lundy
         Pastor of Pestel

President, Thriving Villages International

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